Venango Steel, Franklin, Pennsylvania
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Venango Steel Inc was formed in 1986 by Michael D Ruhlman, President and CEO. With years of experience in the fabrication industry, Mike decided to set out and create a company operating from the back of his pick up truck. His company was first called Ruhlman Welding.

Today, Venango Steel services the heavy mining industry, the railroad industry, electrical industry, plastics industry, transportation industry, and various OEM manufacturers.

Over the years, Mike continued to grow the company first leasing space for his business in downtown Franklin Pennsylvania. With his initial focus on the structural steel industry the business continued to branch out to include in plant repairs, decorative iron work, and then added industrial fabrications.

Ruhlman Welding then relocated to the Debence Industrial Park, in Sandy Creek Township in 2002. Mike constructed a new 20,000 sq ft building as one of the first tenants in the newly created industrial park. Today we have more than doubled in size since our meager beginnings operating as a one man fabrication and repair operation from the back of a pick up truck. It was during this move that Mike changed the name from Ruhlman Welding to Venango Steel Incorporated.

Today, Venango Steel services the heavy mining industry, the railroad industry, electrical industry, plastics industry, transportation industry, and various OEM manufacturers.

Venango Steel Inc | 1655 Pittsburgh Road | Franklin, PA 16323
814-437-9353 ( WELD )| Fax: 814-437-2658 (BOLT)

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