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Sample Products

Crane Blocks – We can disassemble and replace worn bearings, worn sheaves, worn hooks and hook nuts, providing new repair parts to OEM blueprints. We can also build a new block from prints provided by the original manufacturer or you the customer.

Cyclones-We have many years experience building cyclones of many sizes and shapes. We have the ability to roll cones as small as 4 inch diameter to much larger in size. We also can fabricate square designs and welcome any drawings to quote.

Mill Housings-from the fabrication to the machining on these mills pictured we can provide for various sizes ands shapes.

Laser parts- Parts ranging from 1 inch thick carbon steel to 1/2 inch thick stainless steel, and include 1/4 inch aluminum parts. Pictured are just a few of the parts we have run on our machine.
We feel we have an advantage with the new 6ft x 12 ft table to burn bigger parts or make more cost effective parts nesting on bigger sheets of material.

Burnouts- Our table has the capacity to burn 1/4 inch to 7 inch thick carbon steel and we have a bed size of 10 ft x 40 ft long. (pictures)

Enclosures- Anything from an electrical type box or an actual aluminum box, the size of a large room for placement in the elements, we can easily fabricate and deliver, utilizing aluminum, stainless steel, or mild steel materials.

Fabrications-Stands, hoppers, railcar parts, industrial mining parts, and more, we have the necessary facility size and material handling equipment to get the job done.

Risers/Robotic Beams-We can manufacture both for the machinery and installation industry, some calling out for as little as 1/32nd of an inch tolerance in 30 ft or more. We have built these parts for some time now and would welcome looking at your drawings to give you a competitive quote.

Handrails, structural steel, building component systems- For years our business had started and thrived supporting the construction trades. We have built many mezzanines, towers and all types of structures for the safety industry. We are also part of a unique do it yourself design element, manufacturing these components for one of our customers for years.

Steel ladles- Pictured is a vessel we recently manufactured for a local steel company. Don’t forget we can build you a new vessel in plant or provide for repair and assembly at the plant levels also.

Prototypes-If you can imagine it we can achieve it. We custom build new items in our plant every week, and we encourage you to include us in your new ideas and designs.

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Sample Products

Dual Cyclone for the Plasics Industry

Dual Cyclone for the Plasics Industry


Mill House Guards

Mill House Guards


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