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Custom Laser Cutting

Venango Steel has just invested in a new state of the art laser cutting and material handling work cell. We made this new investment specifically to provide additional value for our customers and offer new product lines.

This system operates with a cross flow resonator and provides precise high speed cost effective operation for an expanded offering of material and parts. Our customers will now enjoy cutting tolerances of .003 of an inch! This type of quality will eliminate some of the secondary operations in our fabrication process and equate to cost effective savings for our customers.

We can further expand our value added services by offering a large spectrum of metal thicknesses processed. Mild steel cut 1 inch thick, stainless steel processed to 1/2 of an inch thick, and aluminum cut 1/4 inch thick. The system will easily accommodate materials including: armour plate and various coated metals.

Our true return for our customer satisfaction will be the MCSIII material handling system. It allows for lightening quick load and unload times, and further reduces the material in process times for customer parts. We welcome production runs for parts we can process in a “lights out” atmosphere!

We will work closely with you our customer to make sure we maximize your savings. We will insure close attention to detail throughout the entire process from inception to delivery packaging to insure error free delivery.

To learn more about the laser edge quality parts from Venango Steel, please go directly to our contact us page, and provide us with your parts information .We also offer sequential part number etching for OEM type production runs or simply we can etch a single part number or identifier mark on each part. Dates, your logo, our logo or pretty much any transferable marking can be added to your material.

MCSIII Material Handling System

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Custom Laser Cutting
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Sample Laser Part


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