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Custom Metal Forming

At Venango Steel we felt it absolutely necessary to compliment our new laser quality parts, with an equally accurate metal forming press brake. Again to ensure customer satisfaction, we invested in a new 250 ton Accurpress brake to form your parts. This value added service will provide for multiple bend sequencing, and precise, high speed cost effective metal forming throughout your order process.

Today, Venango Steel services the heavy mining industry, the railroad industry, electrical industry, plastics industry, transportation industry, and various OEM manufacturers..

This new work cell will come complete with Wila autocrowning die adjustment, R axis, adjustable back gauge and fingers, Wila die clamps and tooling, and finally we had our opening height increased to 20 inches to allow for greater sized parts to be bent.

The need to provide customer data accurate and timely, prompted us to include additional CNC 3D model software. Our modeling system is based on ACIS solid modeling kernel, and employs modern parametric techniques. It provides design flexibility and a unique 2D to 3D method of creating 3D objects.

In addition, it allows the import/export of a range of formats including SAT, STEP, and IGES, as well as the creation of assemblies in the 3D environment. The software is specifically focused on and modification of 3D sheet metal parts and assemblies.

This new press brake will compliment the 440 ton SMT Pullmax brake we currently operate. These machines will greatly increase the range of material thicknesses and speeds at which we will be able to return parts to you our customer. Please contact us toll free, or utilize our contact us request for information form to discuss your manufacturing requirements.

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Cyclone for the plastics industry


Advantage Accurpress

Advantage Accurpress

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